About Us

Informatics UK established in 2008 as an active company, based in the Middlesex, United Kingdom and specialised in the market of cisco systems hardware and software including cisco legacy systems and up today's technologies. As a networking company we deal with different type of technologies including Juniper, HP, Dell, Nortel and Intel Security and many up today's technologies. Cisco systems is our main field of expertise. We are specialised in cisco systems and products. We gain a professional knowledge of cisco products throughout the years and deep understanding and expertise in the specific cisco systems requirements needed by each end user according to their own special needs  in order to operate their system efficiently and economically with total peace of mind.

As an experienced company in cisco products, we sell quality products at competitive prices and we provide expert advise and solutions to our customers, so they save money and use a reliable products that will last for many years to come with total peace of mind.

we proceed all aspect of testing, repairing and refurbishment, including all type of cisco servers, routers, switches, security devises and all the related modules and interfaces cards. We have our comprehensive lab and a fantastic team of dedicated engineers to test every single devise to the highest standards and offering a TOTAL PEACE OF MIND TO OUR CUSTOMERS.. We are mindful of the users' needs having been an end-user for cisco products for many years.

Testing our products is very important step in our trading business strategy. we don't sell used items that have not been tested thoroughly in our lab and given green light by our experienced engineers.We ensure the quality and the reliability of our products before sending them to our customers.

At Informatics UK we offer a wide range of product catalogue from Brand new cisco products, Cisco refurbished and used products. Every item is checked to the highest standard before delivery to our customers.

Our customers span many sectors, from maintenance, end-users, integrators to other resellers, even Cisco partners who cannot source from distribution due to age/lead or price factors!! And we have a wide list of reliable suppliers from UK, europe and USA, and we aim to get the best cisco equipment at the best competitive prices in the market and pass the benefits of product quality and low prices to our customers. Creating trust, reliability, competitive prices and future trading with our customers is one of our company main priorities.

We are an ambitious and competent team, continuously improving our qualifications so that we can offer the highest level of service and professional assistance to our clients. We do our best to ensure that our partnerships are based on trust, reliability and commitment.