At Informatics UK,  Our professional support starts from the customer services basis by keeping the communication channels open and active, offering answers and clarifications to our customers. You have the option to establish a direct contact with us by phone, email or simply filling the contact form on our website. One our customer services members will answer your enquiries or refer you to our engineering department for any specific technical clarifications.

Technical Support and Testing Procedures

Our engineers provide the full technical support at all stages to make sure every item is delivered at the highest standard of functionality and compatibility and they can offer you a detailed report of any item in our stock and its specifications and condition.

A comprehensive set of diagnostic, functional and network traffic system tests. All units must meet Cisco factory specifications. Any repairs are made to Cisco specified engineering, quality and environmental standards. All units are subjected to functional, network traffic system, burn-in and thermal cycling testing.The unit is decommissioned and returned to default settings.Each unit is checked to determine what firmware/hardware upgrades are required. Each unit is thoroughly cleaned and detailed. The final unit is cosmetically similar to the equivalent new unit.A valid IOS software license is installed.

Our engineering department is responsible to follow a strict 20 steps of quality control system in order to complete the process of testing and refurbishment to the highest level in quality and reliability. This is why we pride ourselves as a professional company in selling our refurbished Cisco equipment as a new condition. In addition we do sell band new sealed equipment. All our engineers are qualified and certified Cisco members with years of experience in Cisco hardware and software and with direct access to an extensive Cisco product documentations readily available to our engineers for references and technical clarifications required by our customers.

We offer High Standard Product Quality / Fully Tested and ready to GO..

At Informatics UK, we process all our pre-owned and refurbished products through a program made of a 20 points check list, starting from the first visual physical check to the item cosmetic appearance, Dusting off and cleaning all components, checking any tear and wear or loose connections, powering on and off the devise & Indicator Lights, Checking all ports pass Traffic as well as Loopback & Console Cable Connectivity, Checking Flash and DRAM Memory, Interface Card Slots, System Board, Power Supply and Fan Assembly, Checking Firmware and Software Versions, Flash, DRAM, NVRAM and Shared memory sizes,  Removing Old Configs, Passwords, IP Addresses etc.The check list goes on with dedication and professionalism to reach the highest standard for every item we add on our product catalogue.

We Offer a 2 Years Warranty / Total Peace of Mind

At Informatics UK, our customer support does not end by finalising sales, it remains alive to support our customer's needs in case of rare situation of hardware failure or defects effecting the smooth operation of our customers network services. we step in as a leading industry company by offering a 2 years warranty for all our refurbished networking equipment. We offer a full guarantee for every refurbished item we sell on our website and we offer a 2 years warranty for a TOTAL PEACE OF MIND for our Retail, end-user clients customers, we are committed to replace immediately any defective item delivered by us. Please Note that Wholesale clients are subject to a 30 day repair or replace warranty. The 2 years warranty only covers Retail, end-user clients only.. Please also note that Informatics UK warranties and returns are subject to acceptance and compliance with OUR TERMS AND CONDITIONS policies and on Informatics UK Online RMA form.

Asset Recovery

Network equipment are a major asset is every company business to operate efficiently and economically and the Asset Management is an understanding of the Life-Cycle of your IT hardware, specially when the time is near or comes to evaluate the quality and performance of your networking devises. The end of life or poor performance due to hardware age is a very crucial time for any company to start thinking quickly about new venues of renewing its IT hardware infrastructure. At Informatics UK, we offer a professional evaluation and asset recovery service for your end of life IT Hardware and based on years of experience in cisco systems network equipment, we offer you the best market value available and turn your end life IT equipment into hard cash.

Contact us for all your enquiries directly by email or simply filling the contact form belew and one one of our dedicated members will contact you shortly.

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